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TransRentals- Your Mobility Partner

Transrentals is a vehicle rental aggregator based in India, And it’s our startup. We have designed and developed a website and partner dashboard which are integrated.


The name “TransRentals” is a combination of two words Traportation+Rentals.


” Your Mobility Partner “

logo design

The logo is something a customer remembers, Recognizes. The logo we have designed consists of the name TransRentals and two overlapping arrows representing compass. It says that we have a ride for you in every direction.

content writing

TransRentals is our own story so we have made sure that it reflects the very essence of the business.

social media Marketing

Social media has given the power to reach any number of people within a fraction of time, it can create wonders if managed properly or can also ruin the brand, we have carefully created a unique Identity for your TransRentals and are taking care of it.

Transportation is an essential part of human life, and that’s why we are revolutionalizing it. Today more then 80% of Transportation sector is unorganised, there are no standard operating process or rate standardization. We felt that and brought “TransRentals” to bridge the gap.

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