Welcome to the House of Cre8r

Where creativity and technology collide

We specialize in turning ideas into thriving businesses. We harness the potential of impactful concepts and build robust enterprises around them."
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TransRentals is a Vehicle Rental marketplace and a web app, that connects customers with verified service providers and helps service providers grow.
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TheAwakenBuddha is your gateway to a wealth of wisdom, offering profound insights on life, financial acumen, and cutting-edge technology in one enriching platform. Join us in the journey to enlightenment and empowerment.
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Grey Academy is your destination for professional growth, providing an array of certified courses that empower you with the knowledge and skills to excel in your career. Elevate your expertise and unlock new opportunities with our meticulously crafted educational programs.
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EcomMarkt is the digital mall redefining your online shopping experience, offering the best of standalone shops and marketplace stores under one virtual roof. Explore a diverse range of products and brands while enjoying the convenience of choice and variety, all in one seamless platform.

Our Process: A Collaborative Journey to Success

At The House of Cre8r, we believe that the best tech products are born from the intersection of creativity and technology.


We start with a blank slate, brainstorming ideas for new products and services that we can create to solve real-world problems.


We bring our ideas to life by coding, building, and launching products that are reliable, scalable, and meet the needs of our users.


We grow our business by marketing our products to our target audience and learning from our customers.

Tech Solutions That Drive Results

We use the latest technologies and best practices to create tech products and solutions that are both innovative and effective

Custom software development

We developed a custom software solution for a healthcare client that helps them to manage their patient records and billing.
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Mobile app development

We developed a mobile app for a retail client that allows customers to browse and purchase products online, and also view their order history and track their shipments.
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Product design and development

We designed and developed a new website for a financial services client that is more user-friendly and informative than their previous website.
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Digital marketing

We helped a manufacturing client to improve their search engine ranking and generate more leads through paid advertising campaigns.
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Have an Idea? Share!

If you have an Idea of a Tech-Based Product? Share with us over a cup of coffee and we can guide you to make the idea into real business.
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